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6001 Garrett Rd
Durham, NC 27707


D₂O Amplifier

Beautiful on the inside. Beautiful on the outside. Sonic bliss in an all new original design built from classic circuit elements. 32 watts switchable to 8 watts. Huge cleans. Nasty cranked. Extremely versatile tone controls. Big, octal 6SL7 preamp tubes. Cathode biased 6L6GC output tubes. Ready for EL34s if you're into that kind of thing. Handles guitar or bass with aplomb.


The D₂O Amplifier got a Premier Gear award from Premier Guitar!

They like it! They really, really like it!

More Me Boost

Dead simple, great sounding, cleanish boost with midrange emphasis for pushing the front end of your D₂O or other tube amplifier. For when you need "just a little more me."


Toasted Drive

Clean boost to medium gain transparent, organic overdrive. Unlike most overdrives that use op-amps and clipping diodes, Dusky’s Toasted Drive uses a pair of cascaded MOSFETs. The Toasted Drive doesn't just sound like a cranked amp, technically, it is a cranked amp.


Octomotron Fuzz

A new look at classic octave fuzz. Simple design. One blue glowing volume knob. One bass boost switch. With the turn of your guitar's volume knob, go from classic '60s octave fuzz to brash, synthy craziness. Sounds great on bass, too. Specially designed input buffer so it sounds great anywhere on your pedal board.