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Toasted is a semi-transparent, low-to-medium gain overdrive. Eschewing commonly used opamps and clipping diodes, the magic in Toasted comes from the natural overdrive of MOSFET gain stages set up like tube gain stages in an amplifier. The Toasted's elegant circuit achieves amp-like overdrive through the fairly straightforward mechanism of being an overdriven amp in a small, handmade pedal.

Toasted’s dynamic low-to-medium gain range stacks well with other pedals and its substantial output volume allows it to push a tube amplifier over the edge. Think of Toasted as a semi-transparent gain stage that can be used to expand the range of an existing guitar to amplifier connection.  Bells and whistles include: internal MEAT switch for expanding the low end range, a high input impedance so it sounds good anywhere in your pedal chain, and options to run from battery power, or from 9-18V power supplies.


Quick Specs

Effect Type Medium Gain Overdrive

Controls Temperature (Gain), More (Volume), Color (Treble Boost), Meat (Bass boost, internal DIP switch)

Battery 9V

External Power Supply 9-18V (not provided)

Current consumption 3mA @ 9V, 9mA @ 18V