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We're at Summer NAMM! If you're attending, come see us about booth #2023b! Any orders placed now will be shipped on Monday, July 22nd.

Hydrogen Cab
1x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet

The Hydrogen Cab is a lightweight, portable, open back speaker cabinet with one twelve inch speaker offering a rich, three dimensional sound. Solid pine construction, an open back, and a floating baffle design harken back to the golden era of American guitar amplifiers. The smooth coned WGS G12C/S speaker provides a warm, detailed American tone, with a smooth top end that won't take your head off.


Quick Specs

Speakers 1x12" WGS G12C/S


Power Handling 75W maximum

Dimensions 20" wide, 19" high (+3/4" w/feet), 10.5" deep

Weight 25lbs