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Try It Out!

Orders from the Dusky Electronics Website come with a one week trial period return policy.

If you have a dealer in your area, there's nothing like just driving to your local store, plugging in, and trying something for yourself. We have great dealers! If you're lucky enough to live near one, you should go pay them a visit. If you don't have a dealer in your area, though, we can offer you the next best thing.

We know there's no substitute for plugging into a piece of gear and trying it for yourself, and understand why you might hesitate to buy something sight unseen off the internet. That's why we offer a one week trial period on everything we sell through our website. When you get your gear, try it out, and if you decide to pass on it, just box it back up and ship it back in the same, like-new, condition you received it in for a refund. Now we do have to charge a restock fee, but that fee is just any shipping that we paid to get it to you plus any payment processing or other fees we had to pay on the order—just our non-recoupable expenses we have because you placed an order. Generally that comes out to less than 10% but varies depending on how you paid and how much shipping came out to.

Remember, any sales through one of our dealers are subject to their terms and return policy, which may differ from what we offer through our website.