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Soniashnyk is a limited edition fuzz, based on Augustus. 75% of proceeds from Soniashnyk will be donated to Care International’s Ukraine Crisis Fund. Soniashnyk will be available for preorder through May 15th or until all available preorder slots have been filled. Soniashnyk is being sold exclusively on

Named after the Ukrainian word for "sunflower", Soniashnyk is based on a particular Augustus, our octave fuzz pedal and our best selling pedal to date. This particular Augustus, for whatever reason, didn't pass QC because it wasn't really working correctly–its octave was severely deemphasized–but it sounded cool. Gnarly. And cool. I felt like something serendipitous had happened so I hung on to it with no real plan. I was saving it for a rainy day, I guess. And today it's raining.

Soniashnyk sports a new, streamlined two knob interface, and beautiful new sunflower artwork by Chris Williams at the . The knob on the right is the familiar HEAT (or gain) control from the Augustus. The knob on the left controls the amount of octave emphasis in the fuzz. With the left knob fully clockwise, you get a stock Augustus octave fuzz sound. As you pull the left knob back in the counter-clockwise direction, you gradually "break" the octave effect, emulating to a greater or lesser degree the "broken but cool" sound of that particular faulty Augustus. In all cases, the now missing EQ controls are hardwired to their maximum (and correct) settings, and the output volume is set to a reasonable smidge above unity.


Quick Specs

Effect Type Octave Fuzz

Controls Left Knob (Gain), Right Knob (Octave, sort of)

Battery 9V

External Power Supply 9-18V (not provided)