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Becoming a Dusky Electronics Dealer

I recognize the value of hands on experience with a musical instrument before making a major purchase. You can watch videos, read reviews, and listen to sound samples, but we all know that's not the same as hearing a piece of equipment as it responds to your playing and your music. That's why I'm interested in finding high quality, service oriented, musical instrument dealers—so people can have the experience of walking into a shop, seeing, touching, and plugging into a Dusky amplifier or pedal, and finding out if it works for them.

My focus is on independent shops that provide strong customer service, have a respected voice as curators of their offerings, and a loyal customer base. Large chains that are focused on moving lots of brand-name, mass-produced gear for the lowest possible price are probably not a good fit for Dusky.

My dealer agreement is very simple: the retail price is the retail price, no discounts. I don't play games with MSRP versus street price, and I don't make small mom-and-pop shops compete with one another—or larger competitors—on price. This policy protects you, the dealer. Retail prices for Dusky Electronics are pretty reasonable for boutique, handmade equipment, and, as such, your customers will recognize a very strong value proposition.

If you think you might like to become a Dusky Electronics dealer, fill out this application. Note that you'll be required to log in or register in order to fill out the application. If you have any questions or just want to chat, don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for your consideration,

Chris Rossi
Owner, Dusky Electronics